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Friday, 1 July 2011

bio or chem?? +_+

dua2 pom png je....haha... p at least ak leh catch up ag yg chem uh..but 4 bio,,vice versa lorrrr.....ak mmg xlh nk catch up..even nk study pom ase mls sb ak xphm spth aram pom.... o:( ap la nsb ak....??kua3..

ai ni da 1 Julai..25/7 nati ak da nk mid sem exam da...i hve 2 struggleif i want to make it to dean's list or so whatever...i want to make my mom n dad happy wif me..not crying bout me..:'( ak akn ase b'slh gler2 lau ak xlh make it kat cni sb ak da jnj ng ma ng abh yg ak akn dok cni bek2 n jd bdk yg bek...... :D

2day...i want to make it clear dat i hve 2 study smart n gve d outmost of my ability to score in dis sem n so on....... frenz,,plis pray 4 me dear....:) i really hope u can support me....pliz..

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  1. you can do it maa! I always pray for u dear! muaahhxx.